Technology, use it wisely

Talking about the improvements in technology often raises controversial debates. Without it, we would still risk for our lives any time we catch a cold. Technology enabled us to reach a level of comfort that we are all familiar with. We now have access to an insane amount of information, we have switched most of the hard work to machines, and generally we made life somewhat easier than before. However, those advances also pushed for mindless production, an economic boom for some countries followed by a massive movement of consumerism. Most of the developing countries aspire to reach the same levels of “stability” and wealth, which is totally unsustainable. But, since the word sustainability has left the association with the hippy movement and is increasingly  starting be embedded in new and existing businesses, solutions are being found. Continue reading “Technology, use it wisely”

Why “should we all be feminists”?

I used to believe that the word “feminism” did not sound right. Is it not counterproductive to have manifestations and speeches about how differently are women treated? Men do not do that, why should women differentiate themselves doing so? But men don’t do that because they don’t need that. 

A feminst, by definition, is a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of both sexes. Men can and should be feminists too. Addressing the topic with male friends, you get responses such as “I do not understand the feminist movement, we already achieved equality, what about men’s rights?”. The reality is that we still associate “feminist” with negative connotations, with hatred, when it should not be so. And, yes we achieved conditions that are better for women compared to 100 years ago, but there are still things to work on. Continue reading “Why “should we all be feminists”?”

You Are The Change

Suistainable Consumption, a term that we might have heard of or not. One of the UN sustainable development goals, it may sound like a paradox, how can consumption be sustainable, if I am still using resources?

Consumption is natural, whether is consuming water or energy in the form food. What is not natural or acceptable is the fact that our society has been pushed us to consume unquestionably, consume because we can, consume because it makes us feel good. It does not matter whether I really need what I am buying, it does not matter if I will forget about it in a month or less, I am still buying it. We are surrounded by things things we do not need, we have fridges so big that we forget what we stored inside and yet, we keep buying, because (who said it?) it releases stress. We throw away food, we throw away plastic, we throw away thingsWithout even thinking about it.

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Leave that cup

What is happening with coffe cups at Jonköping University?

You should be aware that most of the coffee-addicted students at the University like to take two cups just for one coffee because they are scared by the hot content.

Another thing that they even like most is to take a plastic lid to put on their desks next to the coffee cups.

Which is the current problem? An enormous amount of waste, not recyclable!

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