Here we are, the SSA, an organisation that started almost spontaneously from the desire of doing something real and effective for our planet, without being overwhelmed by the negative news that are mainly associated with sustainability issues. We want to make the sustainability “cause” not limited to some “hippy extremists” but one that should be addressed by everyone in their daily life. We all kind of forgot that we do not control the Earth, we are just hosts in a planet which we should be grateful for. We became too accustomed to just exploit everything we can take from the Earth, thinking that we somehow deserve it. We forgot how our societies started, with a very close connection with the environment and we lost that link with nature that used to characterise the relationship between humans and nature. This does not mean that we should all go back to the forest and live without the comforts we developed through the evolution of civilisation, but that rather than developing technologies that facilitate exploitation of resources we should develop technologies that improve processes with the least harm possible. To do that, however, it is necessary to have a shift in what we became accostumed to: the extreme consumerism and excessive use of resources we don’t really need are the causes of most of the problems we are facing right now. Sustainability in fact is not only about the environment but is linked to social and economic aspects as well.

We are a group of highly committed students, convinced that every little action we make towards sustainability is a small but important step in “revolutionise” the current exploitations of the natural resources we have access to and creating a society which is more in relation with nature and respects it . Since we are univeristy students, our vision is to inspire the new generations of engineers, managers, doctors, teachers, enterpreneurs for which the values of sustainability are intrinsicly part of their working routine and lifestyles. We want to differentiate to what is usually the trend in this type of organisations and we believe it is important to be known for our actions, to give examples on how we can all contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. We really hope that our projects will inspire students and attract more support from our community and beyond.



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