Why Should I Care?


“Why should I care about certain issues, you only live once so I should better make the best out of my time. There’s no need to be concerned about problems we do not have the power to solve”. WRONG

Making a change does not start from saving the world. It starts from the little everyday actions and decisions each of everyone of has deals with everyday. As some say, you cannot change people but you can change yourself.

“All this sounds good but why should I even change my habits if it would not have any impact?”

Many people still feel like everything that is happening is not “our business”, that is the governments and politicians that needs to be blamed, or even, that it is inevitable, since we are growing so much. We are the most intellectual species on planet, yet we do not understand, or do not want to, that we are ruining the place we all call home. And yes, there are many things that we cannot control, we cannot save the extreme poor countries now, on our own. But we can become aware of our impact on the planet, we can change our harmful habits, we can try to implement sustainability in our daily lives, thinking more about the consequences of our actions. We can try to implement sustainability at our workplace, and with our actions, we could inspire our friends and neighbours to do the same. And yes, it is as easy as it sounds. So, why not start now?




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