Leave that cup

What is happening with coffe cups at Jonköping University?

You should be aware that most of the coffee-addicted students at the University like to take two cups just for one coffee because they are scared by the hot content.

Another thing that they even like most is to take a plastic lid to put on their desks next to the coffee cups.

Which is the current problem? An enormous amount of waste, not recyclable!

Schermata 2017-11-05 alle 17.57.07.png

From last year the Pitch-coffee project, one of the SSA ones, is operating to solve this problem; the members tried to calculate  not only the product waste, but even the potential cost reduction for both Jonköping University and coffee shops.

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This year, becoming more concrete, the project components have found a new german start up that could be the solution they was searching for. recup

How it works? RECUP produces coffee-cups that you can use more than once. And on each of the cups there is 1€ pawn.

You can buy a coffee at one of RECUPS partner cafés. The cool thing is, when you use a RECUP cup you pay less for the coffee than when you use a normal cup that you throw away. When you finish your coffee you can give the RECUP cup back to one of the others partner cafés. They clean and recycle the cup for you and you get your pawn back.

It will be the good way to reduce the trash created by one-way-coffee cups!


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